new york fashion week fall 2011

Jeremy Scott’s Collection Reaches Deep Into the Past

Scott and Kanye

At one point during Jeremy Scott’s rave-inspired collection “Candy Flip,” the circa-1994 techno music went silent, replaced by the sound of a woman orgasming — very loudly. It inspired different reactions in the front row: Kanye seemed to dig it, but Vanessa Hudgens squirmed uncomfortably.

“I was thinking of my youth, of that period in college,” said Pratt alum Scott backstage, “the excitement of getting dressed, doing your hair and getting ready for a club or a rave. This epitomized that moment. I loved clear plastic. I would make clear plastic kimonos to wear.”

The clothes were an amalgam of early nineties rave styles — shift dresses that read “Enjoy God” in Coca-Cola script (remember how everything was a takeoff on packaging back then?), silver backpacks, and of course, plastic and neon fur. One look paired an orange fur bikini under a glittery raincoat. A multicolor pill pattern cropped up on dresses and a Lady Miss Kier-esque bodysuit. It all made sense when Scott explained the name. “‘Candy Flip’ is taking ecstasy and LSD together,” he said. Ah.

Jeremy Scott’s Collection Reaches Deep Into the Past