new york fashion week fall 2011

ManRepeller: Gorilla Arms in Our Midst

As evidenced by yesterday’s shows, surprise fur accents have dug themselves out of the trenches of past favorite King Kong movies to adorn our sleeves, pockets, buttons, skirt trim, et al., come next fall. Rag & bone’s first look was the alpha male of outerwear — a knee-length overcoat equipped with burgundy leather and gray suede, with full shearling arms. At Peter Som, the inclusion of a little bit of fur on a little bit of everything took the collection to great heights: from man-getter to woman propeller, if you will.

But from the male’s perspective: gorilla arms? Women endlessly trying to avoid going in for that pesky arm wax, rejoice! Day two of Fashion Week’s biggest highlights suggest that the furrier the arm, the better.

Fur is intended to keep the bones warm at night, and one might question how effective having it on the outside truly has been. But then, fashion is not about function. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. Let the gorilla wars begin!

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ManRepeller: Gorilla Arms in Our Midst