fashion week fall 2011

ManRepeller: Women Are, in Fact, From Mars

In the most highly anticipated show of New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs proved the ever-famous “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” theory incorrect. Reversed, even.

With the first look — metallic trouser pants, a white turtleneck sweater, and what looks like a plastic beret at the tip of the model’s head — the collection promised that we women are likely the breed from Mars and not the other way around. To take it a step further, the intergalactic runway just added one more element of certainty to the hypothesis. Lucky us, it’s one hell of a stylish planet.

We worship Sir Jacobs and quickly devise plans to get the look and accept with glee the truth that date night is but galaxies away. A man will be distracted by the neck-covering top and the metallic pants and question the motivation behind wearing a peewee-size beret off the tip of your head. “It won’t keep you warm,” he may say. Never mind that. He’ll never get it. You shouldn’t care. Let’s work on investing time in someone who understands the art of a plastic beret.

May Marc’s force be with you.

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ManRepeller: Women Are, in Fact, From Mars