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Naomi Campbell’s Agent: ‘I Now Look for Girls With Breasts’

It may be too soon to say whether or not the preferred model look is changing, and super-skinny girls will fall (at least somewhat) out of fashion, making way for curvy girls to book the big jobs, too. You would think that, rather than issuing guidelines each season on how to keep very thin models healthy, the industry might decide the better solution is to just make samples bigger already and hire less thin, slightly older girls. Anyway, Naomi Campbell’s ex-agent Carole White, who runs the Premier agency in London, confirms that while the jury may be out on hips, boobs — which the notoriously breast-fearing fashion industry seemed to shun until Lara Stone came along — seem to be the hot things nowadays. White spoke to the Daily Mail:

“I now look for girls with breasts, and that is something we wouldn’t have countenanced ten years ago. Our biggest demand in the past two years has been for a D cup, but obviously you have to have a really fit body.

’Now, we talk to our models about nutrition, make sure they have a personal trainer. Even our language has changed. A decade ago, we would have just said: “Don’t eat!” ’

I was like a mother to Naomi Campbell, I won’t talk to her now [Daily Mail UK]

Naomi Campbell’s Agent: ‘I Now Look for Girls With Breasts’