Olivier Zahm Says Carine Roitfeld Will Launch Another Magazine

Purple editor Olivier Zahm, who is working with Carine Roitfeld on a book, has an idea of what the ex–French Vogue editor’s next career move will be. “She will start her own magazine,” he told us after the Theyskens’ Theory show this morning. Zahm didn’t know if it would be print or online or both, but suspected it would be print. “She’s open to anything, and she’s the best fashion editor in France now,” he continued. “She will be really deeply missed at Vogue, I’m sure. They will call her back in six months and pray that she comes back.” Zahm said that the book she’s working on with Rizzoli will come out next fall and be a “scrapbook” of all things Carine, including pictures from shoots she worked on and letters. “It’s a biography,” he explained. “We just went into her apartment and took everything that happened — every kind of little element about her life, her style, her obsessions. It will be nice.”

With New York Fashion Week just over halfway through, Zahm had a hard time recalling his favorite looks, though he cited Theyskens’ Theory and Diane Von Furstenberg as two of his favorite shows so far. “I just remember the feeling and texture and concept of the show,” he said. “I’m not a girl — I can’t remember this dress or this jacket. I wish I could be a girl.”

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Olivier Zahm Says Carine Roitfeld Will Launch Another Magazine