Royal Wedding Rumors: Erdem! Beckhams! Flamboyance!

Kate Middleton looking sexy in a fall 2011 Erdem look, with her friends, the Beckhams.

With just over two months before Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William — and not the other way around — news about the affair is gushing out of the British Isles. Everything from the bridal dress — or dresses — you need to know about, here.

• Apparently “one high-profile fashion editor” was heard saying she (or he) could “really imagine” Erdem making the wedding dress. “Essentially his clothes aren’t cool — they are just very beautiful and made very well. I could really see Kate in one — she’s slim enough for a demure, high-necked lace dress with masses of train behind. Plus he’s the sort of man who’d be really good at all the royal protocol and she’s obviously interested in fashion — he’d be a nice choice if she wants to make her own mark rather that choose a designer more associated with Diana — that could age her.” Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon also told us during Fashion Week that he would like to see Kate in something by Erdem. But it’s not like Kate wore that blue Issa dress before she first faced the press with her engagement ring because a bunch of fashion people thought Issa was the bee’s knees, so all bets are still off. [Vogue UK]

• Perhaps more thrilling than Philip Treacy designing Kate’s headpiece for the nuptials is the news that she might wear more than one outfit. So here we all are speculating about The Dress, when really we should be speculating about The Dresses. Every spendy bride eager to bask in the wedding attention seems to get two dresses these days — how else are they to get down at the reception? Kate can’t look a fool and try to party in her train. “Kate is keen on wearing something fabulous in the evening as well,” a source says. “There are going to be some flamboyant creations.” Ha. Sure. [Daily Mail UK]

Royal Wedding Rumors: Erdem! Beckhams! Flamboyance!