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Tom Ford: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Reviewed’

This is a man who likes the way he smells.

Things Tom Ford doesn’t like: penis fear; immediacy; rules other people follow; naked fear; being pressured to design things that are “new” when actually he’d rather just make the things he made last season. He spoke to the L.A. Times about his fall 2011 womenswear collection — his second showing of namesake ladies’ things — which a select few editors get to view in London. Critics are not special enough to be on that list this season:

“I don’t want to be reviewed,” he says. “I’m not an artist with an opening; this is not a film. I’m just trying to make pretty clothes. And beautiful clothes make beautiful women, but sometimes they don’t make fashion news. I don’t want to be pushed to think about what we have that’s new when we don’t need anything new except another version of what we did last year that still looks good to me.”

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Tom Ford: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Reviewed’