Balmain: Christophe Decarnin ‘Is Not Feeling Well’

Rumors that Balmain designer Christophe Decarnin is in a mental hospital surfaced yesterday after he failed to appear at the label’s fall 2011 show. There, the label’s owner told reporters he was absent due to fatigue — an excuse that sounded like a lie, frankly. A Balmain spokesperson now admits there’s more to the story, telling the Daily Beast that Decarnin “is not feeling well” and “by doctor’s orders needs rest, and that is the only reason he was not present at the show.” People in the audience were chattering about Decarnin having a mental breakdown thanks to drug use, which the spokesperson denied, of course:

“He has been exhausted because this season was particularly demanding and complicated. “

The spokesperson says that the rumors about a breakdown from drugs and the mental hospital are “completely untrue.” The spokesperson wouldn’t say the cause of his ailment, only that it was “not anything physical.”

Balmain’s Christophe Decarnin Absent From Own Show [TDB]


Balmain: Christophe Decarnin ‘Is Not Feeling Well’