Reports: Kate Middleton to Walk the Aisle in FLATS

It comes as no shocker to anyone who’s walked down an aisle to their groom in a pair of foam flip-flops that Kate Middleton will also wear flats for her wedding to Prince William. Those will be one of the four pairs of shoes of various heel heights she will reportedly wear throughout the day. The lowest pair are said to look like slippers and be “covered in multiple layers of silk, and heavily embroidered,” Yvonne Yorkel writes for the Huffington Post. As for Kate’s rumored multiple wedding-day dresses, sounds like those will be a reality:

After the ceremony, there will be a lunch reception at Buckingham Palace, a balcony appearance (hopefully sealed with a kiss), an official wedding photo shoot, and then the evening dinner and dance. So there will be at least one dress (and shoes) change as the day goes on, and plenty of opportunities for the new princess to rock those sky-high stilettos!

Or she could just wear her shoes.

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Reports: Kate Middleton to Walk the Aisle in FLATS