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(Over)Analyzing the Looks in Britney’s Latest Music Video

discoamz: Shall we talk about Britney? TILL THE WORLD ENDS.

reesespieces: I was just floored that if it was the real-deal apocalypse, why wouldn’t people be in sensible clothes?

reesespieces: No sweatpants or warm jackets at all. I mean, gosh, if you’re going to tap into the whole Mayan end-of-world deal, do it properly haha.

discoamz: I see your point, but two problems with your argument:

discoamz: 1. If the world was ending, would you have TIME to change into your comfortable clothes?

discoamz: 2. Why do you assume they’d need warm jackets? if everything was exploding, wouldn’t it be hot?

reesespieces: Oooh, good point on the changing-clothes thing.

reesespieces: But they’re in the sewers, surely that’s dank and grimy? I’d personally want long sleeves so gunk didn’t get on my skin.

discoamz: I’m watching it for the 64th time right now to be sure of what exactly happens.

reesespieces: It’s a complex narrative, for sure, and Britney surely doesn’t have the first clue what is going on.

discoamz: Oh, as IF it’s just her. I think that’s part of the charm.

discoamz: So Carine Roitfeld said today in that Spiegel interview, “Elegance is about the way you cross your legs, not the label or the newest clothes from the latest collection.”

discoamz: So, even though the clothes in this video are laughable (as they are with most divas), can we please give her some credit? She is dancing a lot more than she has been lately.

reesespieces: Dancing meets convulsing.

reesespieces: It might be the new trend.

reesespieces: You half want to dance with her, and you half want to give her the Heimlich maneuver.

discoamz: Okay, here’s what i don’t understand.

discoamz: Britney was already in the sewer, like she knew the world would end, and they would be dancing until it was all over, and she would need the right outfits. Why is that? Why was she first to know?

discoamz: And to be fair, they’re ALL convulsing.

reesespieces: Yeah, good point.

discoamz: That’s the dance — they all have the twitch yo.

discoamz: Anyway, in regards to the fashions.

discoamz: (“Fashions,” I should say.)

discoamz: Let’s go by look in a slideshow!

(Over)Analyzing the Looks in Britney’s Latest Music Video