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Neon-Hair Chameleon Chris Benz Offers Hair-Care Tips

Photo: Steve Mack/2011 Getty Images

Chris Benz popped into Saks last week to help promote a new canvas tote bag for the summer season he’s created in collaboration with Lancôme. And because it should be standard protocol when talking to someone with a highlighter-pink dye job, we spoke to him in detail about his oft-changing, perennially neon hair. Some tips for the neon-inclined:

So, what’s up with the neon hair?
I don’t know. I had a moment of clarity the other day, and it was like, well, I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t have any piercings, either; I feel like it’s not permanent, so I can just change it again and again. Even as a kid I had different weird hairstyles — I was like, I want a flattop now … I want shaved sides, a bowl, and I want stripes shaved into the side. It was just my one thing that I kept doing.

Have you noticed, of all the colors you’ve tried, that one is more fun than others?
I love pink right now. I was getting bored with trying to do foils with all the different colors. Because when I had it multicolored, I had to do foils and bleach everything to white and foil each color. I just was like, just bleach the whole thing and let’s do one color. But I like pink for now. It’s so fun. I feel like everyone should dye their hair a weird color. If you hate it, you can just dye it back.

Neon-Hair Chameleon Chris Benz Offers Hair-Care Tips