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Heidi Klum: ‘I’m Probably Bad at Reading’

When Glamour asked their August cover girl, Heidi Klum, if there’s anything she’s bad at, she answered:

I’m probably bad at reading … Sometimes I’m like, “What is this word?” And I start stuttering, and Leni [Klum’s oldest daughter] is like, “Mommy, you don’t know what that means?” And I’m like, “No, do you know what this means?” And she says, “No, but you should know. You’re the mommy.”

Although it’s tempting to assume she’s illiterate (all models really are dumb, HA!), she probably meant she’s bad at reading English, which is, after all, her second language. In other news, she also said that Michael Kors says her skirts are too short: “He calls it fallopian length. He teases me.”

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Heidi Klum: ‘I’m Probably Bad at Reading’