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Moving to New York Made Garance Doré Gain Weight

Garance Doré.
Garance Doré. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/2009 Getty Images

Today, Garance Doré wrote one of her longest blog entries ever. No, it was not about pocket squares, or Scott Schuman, or a cool way to cuff one’s pants; it was about how moving from Paris to New York gave her a muffin top.

[At first] it was cute to be the only Parisian at a table of New Yorkers. They would watch me rip another piece of bread off, order a glass of wine and a dessert and ask me what was the secret of those Parisians who stay thin despite such a devastating diet.

And I’d just laugh saying that everyone in NY is just too skinny, that they have to live a little and no, I don’t work out at all cause I have so many other fascinating things to do in my life. Like smoking a few cigarettes, just to name one. And I’m perfectly fine with my little muffin top, thank you. I was perfectly happy that way.

N.Y. Skinny vs. Paris Skinny [Garance Doré]

Moving to New York Made Garance Doré Gain Weight