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May the Term ‘Evacuista’ Die Right Here, Right Now

This is how we're evacuating, don't know about you.
This is how we’re evacuating, don’t know about you.

If you thought freaking out about Hurricane Irene was a non-option today, think again. Some people have found an exciting way to storm-plan: by like totally going rain boot shopping! Grocery stores aren’t the only places being looted as though by the winds of Irene — rain boot purveyors are selling briskly, too. A local news station reports “evacuistas” are “ready to show Irene the latest fashions in designer rain gear … As the biggest storm in two decades bears down on the city, plain old boots just won’t do.” No they won’t, sisters! Because when you’re walking outside in the hurricane, you want everyone else outside looking at you to think about how great your ankle rubber looks, duh!

If that doesn’t lighten your mood and you do live in Zone A, like me, and want to feel better about all this, here’s a conversation I had with a friend born and raised in Miami that might make you feel better, too:

DJNadz: 90% of the hurricanes we experienced in FL were mainly hysteria.

And then we’d get a day off of school.

And it would be like crickets.

discoamz: Okay. So the storms aren’t usually so bad?

DJNadz: My parents went to the beach once.

discoamz: Hahaha. During the hurricane?

DJNadz: Yeah. It didnt actually hit us that time.

“Evacuistas” Allegedly Clothes-Shopping As Hurricane Approaches [Jezebel]

“Evacuistas” Allegedly Clothes-Shopping As Hurricane Approaches [Jezebel]

May the Term ‘Evacuista’ Die Right Here, Right Now