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Tavi’s Forthcoming Online Magazine Faces an Uncertain Future

Tavi Photo: Jason Merritt/2011 Getty Images

Jane Pratt and Tavi Gevinson are supposed to be working together on Tavi’s monthly online magazine, launching next month. However, Tavi’s refusal to go corporate with the project may drive a wedge between her and Jane. Jane’s new website,, was created with Say Media, who Tavi doesn’t want involved with her own online magazine, Rookie. WWD investigated the drama behind the duo’s severance:

“I would love for her to be involved, but right now it’s something that has to be worked out between her and Say,” said Gevinson Thursday night, speaking over the phone from France. “It wasn’t like Us versus the Man,” Gevinson said about the decision to not work with Say Media. “It was just that I want to have full control, and it’s important to me that we’re independent, not so that we can be indie and ‘down with the Man,’ but because I find a lot of comfort knowing that it’s all in my control.” She said there hasn’t been a falling out with Pratt.

So far, Tavi, who is just 15, has “hired people to help” with ad sales and web design. She also recently told Ira Glass in an interview, “I own everything.” The site is targeted to “teenaged people — girls,” Tavi has said. She eventually hopes to have two print versions a year, “but not for a while.” She adds, “I don’t want to be a regular print magazine. I want to be more accessible.”
Tavi Goes Out on Her Own [WWD]

Tavi’s Forthcoming Online Magazine Faces an Uncertain Future