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Alice Temperley: ‘London’s Better Than New York Fashion Week Now’

Alice Temperley.
Alice Temperley. Photo: Nick Harvey/2011 Nick Harvey

Since designing Pippa Middleton’s green bridesmaid dress and regularly dressing her sister, Princess Kate Middleton, Alice Temperley has become one of the most significant and famous London-based fashion designers. Temperley, who has shown in New York and London, is joining her city’s fight for a full Fashion Week, instead of a Fashion Five Days, which is what this London Fashion Week became.

“London’s better than New York Fashion Week now,” the fashion designer tells me at the Belvedere Red party at Bungalow 8 in the West End. “It’s so creative here, whereas New York’s more commercial, but London needs more days.”

London Fashion Week ended yesterday after only five days. “New York, Milan and Paris are all longer than here and that must change.”

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Alice Temperley: ‘London Fashion Week is too short’ [Telegraph UK]

Alice Temperley: ‘London’s Better Than New York Fashion Week Now’