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Bonobos Is Expanding Into Sexy Man-Jeans

If you’ve ever gone shopping for men’s jeans that don’t make the wearer look like he fell butt-first into a sandblasting machine or painted creases around his crotch with bleach, you’ll know that there’s a dearth of normal, simple men’s denim. Enter Bonobos, which was founded in 2007 by two Stanford graduates with the brilliant idea of making workplace-appropriate pants that flattered men’s hindquarters instead of swathing them in baggy, un-sexy cuts. The label received a major cash injection last December, and will expand into men’s jeans before Thanksgiving, says CEO and co-founder Andy Dunn, who described their offerings:

When we looked at men’s denim, we realized the space was over-detailed and overpriced … Denim is all about subtlety and guys have been working so hard to find something without all the back-pocket details or tears or whiskers. We wanted to bring something that was missing from the marketplace.

Given that the majority of Bonobos’ customers are Manhattan Wall Street–types, these jeans ought to go over well for casual Friday situations, where frayed holes and pocket embellishments look particularly silly.

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Bonobos Is Expanding Into Sexy Man-Jeans