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Coco Rocha: Blogging Costs Models Jobs

Coco Rocha with Rachel Roy.
Coco Rocha with Rachel Roy. Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/2011 WireImage

Tumblr-savvy Coco Rocha chatted about the pros and cons of blogging the behind-the-scenes of the modeling world at Lucky’s Fashion and Beauty Blogger conference yesterday. “You lose contracts definitely, jobs, because a lot of the models, they don’t want them to talk,” she told us. “You’re a face and that’s it; don’t have a personality. But others love that you have a personality.”

Rocha uses her blog to do everything from show off her “owling” skills to respond to criticism about her weight. “There was an article that had been mentioned in the newspaper that I was too fat for the runway and I thought ‘This is ridiculous.’ This was out of context, and I wrote down on the blog what I thought of that,” she explained. “And after I realized how well it did, I was like, ‘This can go somewhere.’ Before it was just fun stories I was talking about, and then I thought, ‘Well I’ll talk about everything!’”


Coco Rocha: Blogging Costs Models Jobs