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Project Runway Recap: Just As They’re Designed to Do, Nuts & Bolts Get Screwed (Over)

Photo: Lifetime

All it takes to mess with the mood of a Project Runway episode is one big-personalitied designer waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Well, that, and a leaderless team challenge that also involves group-designed fabric prints and show-staging elements. Clearly, the producers had no plans for a two-week long love-fest — but gosh, this season is turning into quite the wild mood-swinging pendulum.

After a team pick’em that left Bert chosen last again, the dueling lineups consisted of Anthony, Anya, Bryce, Olivier, and Viktor versus Becky, Bert, Joshua, Kimberly, and Laura. While that’s a reasonable balance of talent, it couldn’t be a more off-kilter split in terms of temperament. So guess which team got the lion’s share of airtime? The dysfunctional one, of course, who go by the name Nuts & Bolts. It took precious few minutes after a pep-talk, all about teamwork, harmony, and cute fluffy bunnies, from the always-effervescent Betsey Johnson for them to be fighting like angry fishwives — fishiest of all being Joshua M. and his aggressively grumpy disposition. Although we’d have been mad, too, if our plans for a Village People–themed collection got shot down, because, seriously: GENIUS idea.

Note: Lifetime has yet to provide courtesy photos of Laura’s jumpsuit this week, though a close-up shot is visible here. Suffice to say, it’s a jumpsuit even J. Lo would turn down, and that really says it all. Once an image is available, rest assured it’ll receive our attention.

Project Runway Recap: Just As They’re Designed to Do, Nuts & Bolts Get Screwed (Over)