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Vogue Releases Hamish Bowles’s X-Factor Tryout Video

reesespieces: Is this going to be bad?

reesespieces: I don’t know if I can watch.

charmant: They only show like three seconds of him actually singing.

reesespieces: Okay, that’s a relief.

reesespieces: Omgosh in front of all those people!

charmant: It just seems cruel.

reesespieces: I couldn’t do it. Not even if Anna asked.

reesespieces: Wow. props to Hamish.

charmant: Right? He looks SO nervous, that poor man.

charmant: I’m upset they omitted the “saucy bum swing” that he wrote about.

reesespieces: Do the judges actually know who he is, do you think?

charmant: No, he lied and put down a different name.

reesespieces: I guess you would never think that he’d do this.

charmant: I mean, if I saw a British dude with Zorro makeup and pearls onstage, Hamish would not be my first guess.

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Vogue Releases Hamish Bowles’s X-Factor Tryout Video