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André Leon Talley Misses Tyra, Thought Australia Was a ‘Masterpiece’

André Leon Talley.
André Leon Talley. Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

At the opening of Hugh Jackman’s autobiographical one-man Broadway show last night, André Leon Talley explained his great fondness for the star. “He’s a great friend of Anna Wintour’s and Vogue,” Talley said, recalling Jackman’s “glorious” performance at the 2004 Costume Institute gala. Talley even went so far as to say he loved Australia. “Although people thought it was a horrible film, I did not. I think it was a masterpiece.”

If Talley were to do a musical about his life (yes please!), the score would be a mix of genres. “Classical, gospel, opera, soul – Ashford & Simpson meets Beethoven meets Bach meets Mozart,” he said. “And a lot of Diana Ross.” The dance accompaniment “would be modern dance; Martha Graham, kabuki. No ballet.”

But back to real life: Does he miss being on ANTM? “I miss Tyra; we’re still great friends. And who knows, I may be on it next season,” he told us, adding quickly that nothing has been confirmed and there have been no negotiations so far. “It was a mutual accord that I wasn’t going to do this cycle. And I’ve met with her since the cycle began, and she and I are very close friends; I’ve known her since she was a teenager. Tyra and I will have things; we’ll go forward in the future and do other things.”

André Leon Talley Misses Tyra, Loved Australia