Cartier Took Out an Injunction Against Raymond Weil

Cartier’s “Ballon Bleu”; Raymond Weil’s “Jasmine” Photo: Cartier

There’s more, alleged, copyright infringement afoot. Or “ahand,” that is — because these new legal proceedings relate to watches. A German judge approved an injunction taken out by Cartier against fellow watchmaking company Raymond Weil. Cartier argues that Raymond Weil’s line of “Jasmine” watches are “illegal imitations” of their “Ballon Bleu” designs, noting similarities in the steel hands as well as in the face’s design: both feature Roman numerals and circular motifs. 

Though Raymond Weil began selling “Jasmine” watches in August, the judge ordered their sales halted — with a penalty of $337,5o0 (or two years of jail time) for each time the rule is not enforced. Weil can appeal the injunction — though the company has yet to make any comment on the matter other than confirming the litigation. Cartier’s chief executive has said the Cartier brand is “determined to vigorously take action throughout the world to preserve the ‘Ballon Bleu’ from blurring and dilution.” So watch this space, if you will.

Cartier’s Injunction Against Raymond Weil