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The CFDA Has a Plan to Fix the Fashion Week Scheduling Mess

Milan is still threatening to schedule its September Fashion Week on dates that directly overlap with New York and London Fashion Weeks, despite incensed boycott threats from Condé Nast’s Vogue editors. Since the industry can’t have this actually happen — forcing people to choose between the Calvin Klein show and the Prada show would create all-out mayhem — one side had to make concessions. And that looks like it will be New York, kind of. Word has gotten out about the CFDA’s proposal.

According to sources, the organization recently contacted Mario Boselli, president of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, with a proposal that would include moving its dates for the September 2012 shows back by a week to avoid clashing with Milan — but as part of the gesture and for New York and London to commit to it, Milan and Paris are being asked to agree to the second-Thursday rule for the long term.

So if the plan works out, Fashion Week would start on September 6 of 2012. So much for a nice long summer. Occupy Milan, anyone?

The CFDA’s Fashion Week Scheduling Proposal