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Janice Dickinson Reportedly Brought Some Crazy to H&M

Janice Dickinson.
Janice Dickinson.

The Post reports that shoppers at a H&M store in L.A. got quite the Janice Dickinson experience this past weekend: The supermodel apparently didn’t feel the need to use a changing room, and tried on leggings right in the aisles — maybe without any underwear on, even.

When reached for comment, Dickinson didn’t dispute the impromptu in-store show: “Of course I don’t use dressing rooms. There was no one in the store.” But she then acknowledged the presence of an audience by adding, with regards to her alleged nudity, that “the shopper needs glasses. I wear La Perla G-string nude and they were on me.” But most importantly, Dickinson told the Post that she “[only went] to H&M because I’m collecting apparel for the people of Haiti … any woman in their right mind in this economy wants to collect clothes for charitable purposes.” Clearly, she was just trying on the clothes to ensure they’d be flattering on their Haitian recipients — so let’s allow the supermodel to continue her good work. After all, if she returns to H&M this weekend she could buy some of the nice, bright Versace line, and considering the chaos that H&M’s collaborations usually bring about, she might not be the only person disrobing in public.

Dickinson Reportedly Brought Some Crazy to H&M