someone looks naked!

New Park Avenue Trend: Completely Sheer, Breast-Exposing Tops?

When popular trends get tired, they morph. After a whole lot of one sort of animal-skin-print (leopard), fashion is trying to get us into a new one (snake), for example. After a whole lot of sheer looks — sheer panels, sheer blouses, sheer pants, even — this style has to evolve, too. And one woman stylish enough to catch the eye of star street-style photographer Mr. Newton has an idea: nipples. Just lose the bra and wear the sheer top on its own, letting your boobs be their own bra, as blogger Eleonora did when Mr. Newton shot her walking down Park Avenue — as in, outside, on the sidewalk, in broad daylight, presumably in front of other people. Maybe this is the new way people will try to get the attention of street style bloggers when strategic designer items aren’t enough anymore. Just look naked.

Essentially Topless Woman Strolls Park Avenue