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British Label Jaeger London Is Making New Uniforms for the Royal Family’s Staff

Jaeger's design sketches, courtesy of 'Vogue' UK
Jaeger’s design sketches, courtesy of ‘Vogue’ UK

Front-of-house staff at Kensington Palace in London are getting new uniforms. The royal residence, where Prince William and Kate Middleton share an apartment (and soon-to-be bigger apartment) is undergoing an $18 million makeover — and sprucing up the staff is part of the package. British fashion brand Jaeger London’s design director, Stuart Stockdale, created their new looks, apparently inspired by “19th- and 20th-century men’s court uniforms and the wardrobe of Edward VIII.” Though the outfits won’t be unveiled until early next year, British Vogue debuted a preliminary sketch of his ideas today: double-breasted red jackets and tailored black pants for both male and female members of the palace’s staff.

Jaeger Makes New Uniforms for Royal Family Staff