Kate Moss Thinks English Girls ‘Look a Little Lopsided’

Kate Moss.
Kate Moss. Photo: Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images

Derek Blasberg released outtakes from an interview with the supermodel for Harper’s Bazaar earlier this year, in which Kate described British girls as “a little… lopsided. Messy in the nicest way.” On the topic of British style in general, she mused, “When I go to Spitalfields Market, or when I used to go to Portobello, which I don’t really do anymore, because it’s gotten so touristy, or when you go to a club, when you see the boys and the girls — there’s a real mix. The boys look like the girls, and the girls look like the boys, and that’s interesting. They don’t do that in Europe yet. The French boys don’t dress like girls.” (Blasberg then added, “It’s true. When I’m in London, I never know if I’m in a gay bar or not or if I’m chatting with a gay guy or not.”)

Kate Moss Thinks English Girls ‘Look Lopsided’