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Marc Jacobs Will Commemorate His South Park Role With Another Tattoo

Marc Jacobs.
Marc Jacobs. Photo: Jimi Celeste/?Patrick McMullan

When we ran into Marc Jacobs at last night’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards, he was positively kvelling about his portrayal on South Park last week. “That was probably the greatest honor of my entire life so far. I am the Muscle Man Marc doll on South Park, and I joined the very great ranks of being one of Cartman’s toys — although I get boiled to death at the end of the episode,” he gushed. “I think [South Park creators] Matt and Trey are just probably the two most brilliant people in the entire world, and it is definitely my favorite program on TV … I have two of Cartman’s toys tattooed, one on each forearm — Clyde Frog and the other one is Rumpletumskin.”

Was the designer aware that a South Park shout-out was in the works? “No. I was shocked. I was actually in the trailer [on set for his role in the forthcoming film Disconnect], and Scott Campbell, who gave me the tattoos, he sent me an image, and he was, like, ‘Dude, you’re not going to believe this: You’re on South Park.’ And, I mean, we were all wrecked; we were in the hair and makeup trailer, and we downloaded it and watched it,” he said. “Honestly, without hesitation, it is the greatest honor, I mean, way above and beyond the lifetime achievement award, beyond anything. It’s like, to be immortalized on South Park, I can die a happy man.” Jacobs plans to commemorate this milestone. “That’ll be my next tattoo, the Muscle Man Marc from South Park,” he said. Meanwhile, he remained mum about his movie role. “I’m not going to talk much about it because I promised I wouldn’t,” he said. “But it was a really super exciting experience — one that I probably will never repeat, but I really had a great time.”

Marc Jacobs Will Commemorate His South Park Role