‘Barracks’ Exhibit Turns Old Military Fabrics Into Jackets and Gowns

The E1 Khaki Shirt Jacket by Greg Barracks. Photo: Courtesy of Greg Lauren

Artist and designer Greg Lauren launches his latest retail installation today, “Barracks,” a 30-piece collection of jackets, gowns, and bags sewn from vintage military fabrics. Though Lauren (nephew of Ralph) originally trained as a painter, for the past several years he has become known for his exhibitions that examine clothing as art, from his stitched paper sculptures of classic men’s garments (“Alteration,” 2009) to his repurposing of vintage duffel bags and army pants. The collection ranges from $185 tees to $3,000 coats — including army-tent coats and thigh-high duffel-bag boots — and  each garment is one-of-a-kind, down to the handwritten labels and care tags. In the spirit of the installation’s Veteran’s Day opening, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Operation Mend program, which treats military personnel wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Click ahead for a look at the installation.

 Barracks, 125-127 Grand St., nr. Crosby St.; Nov. 11 through 18.

Old Military Fabrics Go Couture