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Some Crazy Nail Art by Sophie Harris of The Illustrated Nail

Photo: Cynthia Chung/Cynthia Chung

“Oh my God, I want to do something tribal … but look at these half-moon designs, and the mod Mondrian mod ones!” exclaimed a particularly excited attendee at Seagull Salon, where British nail artist Sophie Harris made an appearance earlier this week. Harris has a loyal following on her blog, the Illustrated Nail, which chronicles her elaborate nail artwork for the likes of M.I.A., and she gamely painted dozens of eager attendees’ nails with designs like antique lace, filigree, and polka dots. We chatted with the guests about their polish choices.

Kerrilynn Pamer

Occupation: Owner of Castor and Pollux boutique Why This Look? “I picked my flash nail – that’s what they call the patterned nail – from the cards she had. The nude gives my fingers some extension. Now I’m getting my hair done to match. I want something very Laurel Canyon in the seventies. I want to look like Sharon Tate.”

Laura Connors

Occupation: Hairstylist at Seagull Why This Look? “I asked myself, What would Glo Sti [Gloria Steinem] do? I knew she would want something that was individual but chic and would go with her seventies wardrobe. Nude matches everything and the black is … I mean, you are badass if you have black nail polish on. Everybody knows that.”

Randasha Bikceem

Occupation: Musician/D.J. Why This Look? “The eyeball one has to do with my punk roots, and the floral is very trendy right now, and very eighties. I can’t seem to get out of the eighties.”

Ben Reingold

Occupation: Fashion designer Why This Look? “I did a lot of research. I had about 30 tabs open from Sophie’s blog. I’ve been really into trees and nature colors for the fall-winter collections, and I wanted to get nails that fit in with that, so I got tree green with lace.”

Cristina Black

Occupation: Singer-songwriter Why This Look: “I’m going filigree. I don’t wear prints often, but I put this dress on this morning, and now I’m thinking I want a print.”

Johanna Fateman

Occupation: Co-owner of Seagull, contributing writer at Bookforum and Artforum Why This Look? “I got the seagull on the ‘eff you’ finger so I can give people the bird. I was inspired by the Lindsay Lohan famous courtroom ‘eff you.’ I was also really attracted to this basket weave print. And pink and black is just classic punk rock.”

Carly Nicklaus

Occupation: Hairstylist at Seagull Why This Look? “I just really love the Chanel logo. It’s really feminine and beautiful and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get it on my fingernails. Plus, it matches my tattoo.”

Molly McCommons

Occupation: Salon manager at Seagull Why This Look? “I’ve been really liking the half-moon manicure for a long time. And I’m obsessed with neutrals, so I was looking for a fashionable way to express that.”

Craig Hunter

Occupation: Assistant fashion designer Why This Look? “I really like the combination of floral and polka dots. It’s a fantasy collection of mine to have both those fabrics together, so I’m testing it out on my thumbs.”

Some Crazy Nail Art by Sophie Harris of The Illustrated Nail