wouldn't you buy snooki's crocodilly?

Video: Snooki Selling Perfume, Slippers, and Crocodile Plushies on HSN

After previewing her perfume last week, Snooki made her debut on HSN last night, selling that and some of her other delightfully tacky products. She showcased the many ways to apply her fragrance and explained how her sunglasses (which rattle like a maraca, and that’s a good thing) block out haters. We’re pretty sure she made a vulgar gesture with her slippers, too. Though it was very difficult to condense, here’s the highlights of her two-hour appearance into a two-minute video. But if you’re only watching it now, bad news: The larger crocodilly plushie is already all sold out.

Video: Snooki’s Two Hours on HSN in Two Minutes