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Pieces from the Versace for H&M Line Have Already Popped Up on eBay

The Versace for H&M line doesn’t launch until next Friday, but in addition to the maybe-real-but-probably-not merchandise being sold by a Chinese e-tailer, pieces from the collection are also available on eBay. While some listings have promotional photos of the clothing, others include shots taken by the sellers of the actual items — either on hangers or in their gaudy packaging, and with tags, too — leaving no real doubts as to their authenticity.

Of course, they’re set to sell for far more than they will in H&M stores — most starting prices have a 30 to 40 percent markup from the figures H&M lists online. A chunky gold floral ring ($19.99 at H&M) has already gone up to over $50. Meanwhile, the sellers’ details reveal that many are New York–based, which means they’re probably attendees of Tuesday night’s launch party who are now selling off the contents of their gift bags and items available for purchase at the event. (The party was the only time the collection has been available so far.) Though that’s technically frowned upon, who can really begrudge the sellers? It’s perhaps more of a problem that fashion folk don’t like the line enough to keep the clothes for themselves, but surely any real demand for the pieces online will be reflected in store sales next week too.

Versace for H&M Already Popping Up on eBay