Video: Terry Richardson Kissing Chloë Sevigny While She’s Dressed Like Him

Terry Kissing Terry from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Terry Richardson has gotten a taste of the ultimate in self-love, because he is that rare sort of individual who has made out with himself. Okay, well, it was Chloë Sevigny dressed as him, whom he shot for the cover of Candy magazine. In the Terry-directed video of the shoot, we see that getting Chloë’s Terry sideburns just right is a process all its own. Then, the kissing idea dawns on the crew. “Oh yeah, we gotta do a kissing shot — that’s be great. Yay!” Terry says, clapping. Chloë puts her hand to her forehead, as though this idea humiliates her, but the two manage to pull it off with some feigned passion anyway — at which time the music switches to slow jazz.

Video: Terry Richardson Kisses Chloë Sevigny