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What City’s Residents Spend the Most on Clothes?

Stylish? Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Here’s something random: Washington, D.C. ranks as the nation’s top city in terms of spending on wearable items, according to a new study. Marketing researchers at examined U.S. Census spending data, credit card company information, and “third party data providers” to determine the country’s most “shopaholic cities”; they discovered that the national average expenditure per person each month for clothing, accessories, and footwear is $142.08,  but D.C. residents’ average is almost twice that at $263. This seems a bit ironic, given D.C.’s reputation for homogenous (and what some might call bland) officewear, but hey — maybe it’s very nice officewear.

Here’s’s list of top-ten cities in terms of monthly clothes expenses per person. Analysts believe that major shopping cities like New York, L.A., and Chicago didn’t make the cut because their metropolitan areas include some of the nation’s poorest people as well as the wealthiest, bringing down their overall average.

  1. Washington D.C.: $263/month
  2. Arlington, Virginia: $254.58/month
  3. Nashville, Tennessee: $251.17/month
  4. Scottsdale, Arizona: $243.17/month
  5. Dallas, Texas: $228.58/month
  6. San Francisco, California: $227.42/month
  7. San Jose, California: $221.17/month
  8. Seattle, Washington: $221.17/month
  9. Austin, Texas: $213/month
  10. Bakersfield, California: $201.50/month