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Elle Would Put Kim Kardashian on the Cover ‘If She Actually Did Something’

Joe Zee.
Joe Zee. Photo: Katy Winn/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has been in Elle, but never on it. Brilliant creative director and star of Sundance’s All on the Line, Joe Zee has a reason for this, which is that he has no reason to put her on the cover in the first place:

“We put Lauren Conrad on the cover of our anniversary issue and she did very well. Listen, Kim [Kardashian] is a big cover star out there and if Kim had something going on in her life right now — Kim’s very quiet — I just wish that she would do something, but she’s not doing anything. If she actually did something, we would actually think about Kim for the cover. It’s about new. It’s not about, so much, a reality star. The idea is, are they newsworthy? Is it someone our readers want to read about?”

So just being generally around and tacky is not enough. “I don’t know about Snooki,” Zee added. “I’m going to have to pass on that one.” No loss. The world needs Kardashian and Snooki on covers like Kate Middleton and Prince William need a new set of china.

Why Kim Kardashian Isn’t on Elle’s Cover