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Adele May Cover Vogue’s March Issue

Adele's October British <em>Vogue</em> cover.
Adele’s October British Vogue cover. Photo: Vogue UK

Most garment requests for Vogue covers wouldn’t shed much light on who’ll be wearing them; the majority of the magazine’s cover stars can fit comfortably into sample sizes, if not a size or two above. So for Vogue to ask designers for cover-worthy outfits in a U.S. size 14 (Adele’s exact size, apparently) does narrow down the options quite a bit — what that says about who the industry usually deems “cover-worthy” is another thing entirely, of course. According to WWD, “Designers have been asked by the title to make special cover outfits for the full-figured chart-topper for the all-important March issue.” Adele was previously profiled in American Vogue back in April 2009, and has since covered the October issue of British Vogue (shown) as well as American Cosmopolitan.

Getting Vogue’s March cover is a notable coup for any celebrity (Lady Gaga landed it last year and the issue was a top seller), as it’s a notoriously ad-heavy issue. What’s more, this year’s edition will need to compete on newsstands with splashy redesigns from both Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour, both of which are slated for March as well.