Of All the Things for Victoria Beckham to Be Embarrassed About

Victoria Beckham & Marc Jacobs.
Victoria Beckham & Marc Jacobs. Photo: Dave M. Benett/2011 Dave M. Benett

In the new issue of Elle, Victoria says that she struggled to tell Marc Jacobs, a friend of hers, that she was trying her hand at design: “We went out to dinner one night … He said, ‘I saw that you put out a collection.’ I felt embarrassed to tell Marc Jacobs that I — me, ex-Spice Girl, married to a footballer — was creating a fashion line.” But oh how far she’s come since then: Just yesterday, British businessman Alan Sugar (the Donald Trump of the U.K.’s Apprentice series), asked her to make him a suit. (If Victoria agrees to his tweeted plea, it’d be her first piece of menswear.)

Of All Things to Embarrass Victoria Beckham