Art Basel Miami in Pictures: See What Four Days of Debauchery Look Like (Along With Some Great Art!)

Photo: Ruvan Wijesooriya

December is a hard-partying month. And what better to kick it off than a four-day art-fest in the sun? Ten years after its start, Art Basel Miami – which took place last week from December 1 to December 4 — is stronger than ever. The event featured over 2,000 artists, with hoards of collectors — from the very, very serious to those just looking to dabble – descending upon the city,  all looking to snatch up a piece from the next Nate Lowman (or is Nate Lowman still the next Nate Lowman? Who knows.) Also present in large numbers: those just looking to have a good time. Because, while days might be spent looking at sculptures and mixed-media installations, nights are reserved for tipsy, hedonistic socializing. It’s a curious scene, brilliant in its mishmash of power players with deep pockets and scrappy, charming types, all trying to find common ground while an endless river of “specialty” cocktails keep on flowing. We sent photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya to capture the madness, documenting the kinds of nights where jumping in a pool naked counts as “creative expression.” Click through to see all the shots.

Art Basel Miami in Pictures