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Model–Singer–Dancer Baptiste Giabiconi Does Graffiti, Makes Out With a Girl in His New Music Video

In just over a minute’s worth of teaser footage for his new music video, “One Night in Paradise,” Baptiste Giabiconi (1) makes out harriedly with his co-star on a kitchen countertop, (2) blindfolds and spray-paints her a rather sad-looking portrait, then (3) makes out with her some more — sometimes while rolling around in a field/on a beach. (Just briefly, he also leaves her a love note under the windshield wiper on her car, suggesting there’s more of this story to be told in the full-length video.) All of this, standard form for good-quality Europop, is spliced with soulful footage of him crooning in a softly lit bedroom, wispy curtains swaying slightly in the breeze. Will this beat his previous smash hit, “Showtime“?

Baptiste Giabiconi is Also a Graffiti Artist