pre-fall 2012

Video of Chanel’s Pre-Fall Show Reveals Platters of Pineapples, Miniature Train Tracks, and Other Mysterious Extravagances

In addition to dreadlock-inspired hairdos and lots of sparkly forehead ornaments, this week’s Chanel pre-fall show featured elaborate banquet tables laden with silver, crystal, food, and even a tiny train set with the double-C logo on its nose. The set’s full scope is revealed in even further detail in a new video released by the label. The short film scans up and down the long tables (you can see the silver train track running up and down the full length of the middle one), even catching Emmanuelle Alt’s rapt facial expression about 40 seconds in. Also worth gawking at: Tiered silver platters laden with pineapples, guavas, and various other exotic foodstuffs we don’t even recognize (it’s all safely out of reach of the show’s attendees, of course), as well as a veritable forest of candelabras, flowers, and chandeliers. 

Chanel’s Pre-Fall Show Video Reveals Pineapples