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Courtney Love Defends Her Decorating Taste, Shows Off Her Closet

Courtney Love wrote a lengthy blog post for today about her landlady Donna Lyon’s widely publicized threats to evict her from her West Village townhouse. “I moved into this home only on the condition that I could paint it and when I leave, I’d restore it to exactly what it was,” contends Courtney. What’s more, Lyon had said she wanted the house unchanged from the way it was decorated by her former tenant, interior designer Steven Gambrel, but Courtney defends her paint job, as she consulted Gambrel beforehand and he “loved it.” So! Lyon’s accusations are totally unwarranted, Courtney explains:

 My taste is artful and femme, but it’s excellent.  I’m 47, have bought and sold 14 houses (16 if you count Washington) and love doing them nicely and tripling the price; it’s just never been a question, so this whole experience is weird as heck … I’m a little wigged out by it. Who’d want that black jade green back rather than my wallpaper? Well if she does, it’s no big deal.  It takes six days to un-do what I did. Wallpaper is cheap and makes you happy — rental or not.  If your landlord is silly, she’ll call Page Six and besmirch you in matters of taste or pristine reputation. 

And speaking of: Courtney also did a closet tour with Scott Lipps for Stylelist, and it’s a goldmine of quotes, including these:

“What the hell do you do with piano shawls? How do you make a piano shawl into a dress? This one of my answers.”

“And yes, for the Hamptons, an Herve Leger bandage dress, dammit!”

“I’m really big on Westwood, even though my boob has popped out twice now.”

Really, how could not want this woman living in your house?

Courtney Love Defends Taste, Shows Off Closet