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Crazed Pepper-Spraying Black Friday Shopper Threatens to Sue Walmart

Scene of the alleged crime.
Scene of the alleged crime.

The Black Friday shopper who used pepper spray against other customers vying for Xbox games at a Walmart near L.A. now claims that she was just protecting her two teenage children from stampeding crowds. What’s more, she’s considering suing Walmart for not providing better security. The woman, who turned herself in to the LAPD shortly after the incident in November, has been identified as 32-year-old Elizabeth Macias; police were unable to indict her on felony charges because of lack of evidence (apparently the crush of galloping shoppers — who were, mind you, blinded — created so much mayhem that no one’s exactly sure what happened). Macias now says that her children are “traumatized” by the incident, and her lawyer, Michael Champ, told CBS News that she’s mulling over a lawsuit against Walmart for not keeping the situation under control. As if you needed another reason to shop on Cyber Monday instead.

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Crazed Black Friday Shopper Threatens Lawsuit