The Cut Gift Guide

Buying stuff for fashion people is hard. The element of surprise is certainly tricky, as most industry insiders see everything months before it hits the market. Also, the things that really, really stylish people like tend to be really, really expensive, save for those few hyper-specific, in-the-know luxuries, like a tiny box of Ladurée macarons. On the upside, shopping for those with such discerning taste can be quite fun, as it requires looking at tons of beautiful things, as opposed to sifting through a sea of objets de meh (wooden duck remote-control holder, anyone?). Here, we bring you the gifts that are sure to elicit an approving nod (no smiles, please) from every style archetype on your list, from aspiring street-style stars to stone-cold power publicists. If all else fails, you could always get them what we think they’re all secretly lusting after: a Forever Lazy, as nothing says “I’m so over it” like a fleece onesie. Happy shopping!

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The Rookie Assistant
The Aspiring Street Style Star
The Power Publicist
The Photographer Boyfriend
The Insouciant Editor