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David Yurman Calls Kate Moss’s Fred Campaign ‘Embarrassingly Similar’ to His Own

Kate Moss's Fred ad (left) and David Yurman ad (right).
Kate Moss’s Fred ad (left) and David Yurman ad (right).

Kate Moss recently posed for a campaign for Fred, a Paris-based luxury jeweler that she also designs for, and now David Yurman is complaining that the ads are a ripoff of his spring 2011 campaign, which also starred Moss (Arizona Muse has since replaced her as the face of the brand). Indeed, both campaigns portray Moss with wavy, wind-machine-blown hair, smoky eye makeup, and, well, jewelry. But there are also some key differences: Fred’s ads (shot by Sonia Sieff) are in color, while Yurman’s (shot by Peter Lindbergh) are black and white; also, Yurman airbrushed out the anchor tattoo on Kate’s wrist, while Fred left it in. (Not to mention, the jewelry is totally different.) But, in any case, Yurman told the Post that they just intend to make fuss, not sue: “The Fred campaign is embarrassingly similar to the one David Yurman ran a year ago… When you are a leader in your category, you get used to people copying you. We are confident consumers know the difference.”

David Yurman Thinks Fred Copied His Kate Moss Ad