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Gaga’s Hair Is Suddenly Knee-Length; Rihanna’s Cosmetics Ad May Be Overly Retouched

Magdalena Frackowiak.
Magdalena Frackowiak.


In a new Japanese Vogue editorial, Magdalena Frackowiak has hair styled like the quintessential eighties librarian, and it looks great on her. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

HuffPo writer Rabbi Shmuely Boteach makes a case for beards: “Men with beards are empowered with the capacity to lead. And don’t go shaking your head in dismissal. This is a fact that can be easily demonstrated through a number of primary factors.” [HuffPo]

Top model Raquel Zimmermann dyed her hair brown. [Beauty Counter Blog]

And Lady Gaga now has a really long ponytail. [Kiss and Makeup]


Fashionista spoke with an anonymous retoucher who’d worked on a cosmetics campaign featuring Rihanna, which apparently, “by the end [of the retouching process] looked like an ‘illustration,’ even though the clients started out saying they wanted a ‘natural’ look.” [Fashionista]


Men now use skin-care products, says the NYT, because they, “associate healthy-looking skin less with vanity than with professionalism.” [NYT]

• Two former Avon CEOs are criticizing Andrea Jung’s decision to remain at the company as executive chairman after tendering her own resignation as CEO. [WSJ]


In what’s probably related to her new contract with Broadway Nails, Nicole Scherzinger says a manicure is her backstage must: “Nails are a great way to express one’s individuality and style.  Since my nails are always in view when I’m singing or holding a microphone, I want to make sure they look perfect.” [InStyle]


Frankincense trees are nearly extinct, oh no! [Racked]

Gaga’s Hair Knee-Length; Rihanna’s Ad Retouched?