Douglas Hannant Suggests Jason Wu Copied His Dress Design

From left: Douglas Hannant's designs, on the runway and on Anne Heche; Jason Wu's design.
From left: Douglas Hannant’s designs, on the runway and on Anne Heche; Jason Wu’s design.

Because airing your complaints about someone to “Page Six” is the next best thing to suing them, “sources” told the Post that a sleeveless houndstooth dress from Jason Wu’s new pre-fall collection looks “curiously similar” to one that Douglas Hannant designed for fall 2011. (Hannant’s version was worn by Anne Heche to a promotional event in L.A. in September.) Said Hannant, “If I knew that Jason Wu liked my dress so much, I would have sold it to him.” No plans for legal action have been announced; it’s likely Hannant just wants to stick Wu with some bad press, which, unlike lawyers, doesn’t cost a thing.

Hannant Suggests Wu Copied His Dress