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The Hunger Games Nail Polish Deal Is Back On; Nicki Minaj Is Working on a Fragrance

Iris Egbers for <em>Numéro</em> Tokyo; Daga Ziober for <em>Fashion</em>; Kendra Spears for <em>Numéro</em> Tokyo.
Iris Egbers for Numéro Tokyo; Daga Ziober for Fashion; Kendra Spears for Numéro Tokyo.


• Scarlett Johansson wore a strange up-do to the We Bought a Zoo premiere in New York City. [Us]

• Nikki Blonsky, whose claim to fame was playing the lead in the Hairspray movie, is now proudly working at a hair salon. “It’s true. I’m working at Superstar Salon as a makeup artist and more. I’m proud to be working and helping pay bills but I’ll NEVER lose sight of my dreams,” she recently tweeted. [Us]


The Hunger Games nail polish is supposedly happening again, after the original deal got mired in legal proceedings. [Styleite]

• The most expensive nail polish ever cost $130,000; read this and other fun nail facts. [Fashionista]


• Blue eyeshadow and bright lipstick (à la Mimi from Drew Carey) is apparently back in style, as seen on Kendra Spears in Numéro Tokyo’s December issue and Iris Egbers in the magazine’s January/February issue. [Fashion Gone Rogue, Design Scene]

• Also, Daga Ziober wore a very similar look on the cover of Fashion magazine. [Design Scene]


• A new fragrance app lets you type in your favorite notes and ingredients to get your ideal perfume recommendation. [Cosmetics Design-Europe]

• Frédéric Malle  says fragrance is “like a frame for a beautiful painting” in this video. [Window]

• Nicki Minaj could be putting her brand on a fragrance in the near future. [StyleCaster]


• A CEO at a financial company said that her ten cosmetic procedures are what caused her career to take off. [Oprah]

Hunger Games Nail Polish Back; Nicki Minaj Scent