Joan Juliet Buck Models Jewels in WSJ. Magazine


In an image landscape oversaturated with extravagantly dressed girls of 16 and younger, it can come as a shock to see a close-up, un-retouched portrait of a 70-year-old face. This week’s WSJ. magazine featured four powerful older women drenched in $60 million of the world’s finest jewelry. The shoot required sixteen armed guards, but for us, the diamonds are a side-note to these four women’s intimate head-on gazes, captioned with frank statements about their own appearance. See the glorious Joan Juliet Buck, former editor of French Vogue (who says she always wears “Yves Saint Laurent perfume for men plus Shalimar, together”); gallerist Clarissa Dalrymple; architect Gisue Hariri, and teacher Dale Larocca shot by photographer Amy Troost in the style of the Dutch masters’ portraits.

Joan Juliet Buck Models Jewels in WSJ.