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Karlie Kloss Isn’t a CoverGirl (Yet) After All; Kate Middleton’s Hairstylist Faces Workplace Drama [Updated]


• In between naked photo shoots and other covers, too, Karlie Kloss didn’t actually shoot a new CoverGirl campaign*, though this very convincing fake might have made you believe otherwise. [Fashin]

• Gareth Pugh says his dad thought makeup on men was “a bit, you know, poncey. But the other day I got him some green-tinted moisturizer to tone down his redness, and you know what? He was fine about wearing it. Totally fine.” [Guardian UK]

• Olivia Wilde is all about balance in the face. “I feel like I’m wearing a mask if I do a strong eye and a strong lip, so I hold back,” she says. “Plus, a strong eye and strong lip together on my face can go ‘tranny’ real fast! I have a strong jaw, and I’m cognizant of that.” [Elle]

• L’Oréal Paris’ president Renaud de Lesquen resigned. [WWD]


• Kate Middleton’s hairstylist Richard Pryce reportedly quit his job at fancy salon Richard Ward because the owners were jealous of his relationship with the princess. [Daily Mail UK]

Of course, facial hair–themed competitions are being held in Greenpoint. And, of course, people take them very seriously, even though they probably aren’t supposed to. [NYT]

• Chloë Sevigny chopped off her hair and dyed it red. [HuffPo]

• Katy Perry’s new haircut looks … rather normal. Weird. [Beauty High]


• The Kardashian sisters have threatened to sue the people who are attempting to trademark the name KardashianLash for an eyelash extension product. However, the woman behind KardashianLash says she wanted sales of the product to benefit Honduran orphans (and send them to cosmetology school specifically), so she didn’t think Kim and Co. would mind. [TMZ]

• Lush Cosmetics will open 36 stores in the U.S. in 2012. [WWD]


• A new trend in perfumery is for scents to smell like candy. [NYT]

*This post has been corrected to show that, sadly, Karlie Kloss isn’t fronting a CoverGirl campaign quite yet. She did look pretty in the fake ads though.

Kloss Not a CoverGirl Just Yet; Middleton Hair