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Kim Kardashian Placed on Australia’s Immigration Watch List

Kim and Khloe at a handbag launch event in Sydney last month.
Kim and Khloe at a handbag launch event in Sydney last month. Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/2011 Getty Images

Kim Kardashian might have hoped that a visit the other side of the planet would provide some respite from her marital troubles, but never one to waste an opportunity for self-promotion, she debuted her handbag line in Australia while she was there. Apparently, making a bunch of publicized appearances to hawk your own products constitutes business, not sightseeing, which violates the conditions of Kim’s tourist visa. The Australian Department of Immigration in Canberra has now placed her on a watch list, since she’s apparently done this twice before — in 2007 to promote Blonde beer, and in 2009 to promote her TV show.

The Department of Immigration wouldn’t comment on the Kardashian case explicitly, but did release this statement:

If people are undertaking work in Australia they need to be on an appropriate visa with work conditions attached.

If people do breach conditions of their visa, then the department can counsel them or cancel that person’s visa … and the department may record their breaches and immigration history.

The statement also said that people who breach their visas will be placed on a “Movement Alert List” — which, in this case, they could totally outsource to TMZ.

Kim Kardashian Placed on Immigration Watch List